Hi there! This is a side blog dedicated to Jack and Finn Harries.
Sadly, this blog is no longer active because the owner hardly has time to create anymore imagines. Thus requests will no longer be accepted as well.

This blog is left up for people to look through the past imagines. Enjoy :)

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asailorofthestars: Hi! I love your blog. It really is a shame you quit. :(

Thanks, you can still enjoy whatever’s on it ;)

its-shygirl: Instead of deleting you blog you should get a co-owner just an idea.

This blog is a side blog, I’m unable to do that unless I give away the password to my main blog, which I don’t want to do.

jacksidthedragon: Hi! So, I just wanted to say that I've been following your blog for a while now and I really do think it's a shame that you're quitting your blog. I understand why you're doing it though, life gets in the way and stuff. But I just wanted to drop by and say that on behalf of a lot of us, thank you for providing us with imagines whenever you could. Also, I wanted to thank you as well for recommending me as an imagine blog to follow. I'll miss you! :')

Thank you, I’ll miss you guys too :)

imcrazyinlovewith9cuteboys: Why r u going to delete your blog I love it


elena-loves-life: Instead of deleting the blog can u just leave it up please I like rebooking at your imagines

alright then :)


Right, so this is an announcement of sorts.

I will be deleting this blog soon. I really loved making these imagines, especially when you guys requested for it. However it’s getting rather difficult for me to carry on, as i’ve been extremely busy and it’s going to get worse from here. I’ve considered passing this blog off to someone else, but it’s a side blog and there is no way i can do that without compromising my other blogs (unless you guys can figure out something for me)

So, it’s been great. I’ve really had fun on this blog, and gosh it’s starting to sound real sad now so i shall stop.

Oh, but if you all want to continue seeing imagines on your dash, follow these blogs:






OR, just go to these tags and you’ll find more imagine blogs:

finn harries imagine

jack harries imagine

jacksgap imagine

youtuber imagine

This post will be up for a week for every follower to see the links and to know that i didn’t leave because i’ve lost interest.

And lastly, thanks for everything, lovelies :)

Anonymous: Hey I was wondering where the gif of jack saying are you filming is from? I really lov jacksgap and ur imagines!


Sorry for the late reply!

Anonymous: I'm pretty sure they broke up

Pretty sure I don’t care

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